Thursday, July 9, 2015

An appointment letter thats comply with the law

When we start to work, we would like to know what we getting ourselves into. This can easily be settle by an appointment letter consisting what the employer is promising. An appointment letter that comply the law need not be a perfect one but consist 10 major point.
Under the current labour law, a contract of service for the duration of more than one month shall be in writing, and one certified copy of it shall be give before or on the day employee start to work. Laid down below relevant provision of the law in relation to an appointment letter that comply with the labour law;

Section 10 Employment Act 1955
Contracts to be in writing and include provision for termination.
(1) A contract of service for a specified period of time exceeding one month or for the performance of a specified piece of work, where the time reasonably required for the completion of the work exceeds or may exceed one month, shall be in writing.
(2) In every written contract of service a clause shall be included setting out the manner in which such contract may be terminated by either party in accordance with this Part.

Regulations 8 (Employment Regulations 1957)
Employer to furnish certified copy of particular under regulation 5(b)
(1) Every employer shall furnish to every employee employed by him on or before the date of his commencing employment and subsequently on any change in the terms and conditions of employment resulting in any change in his wages a certified copy of particulars as specified in paragraph (b) of regulation 5

(2) When a collective agreement is currently in force and applicable to an employee in the place of employment the employer shall furnish him with a copy of the collective agreement or display permanently, at a conspicuous place accessible to the employee, in the place of employment a copy of the collective agreement.

Regulation 5(b) (Employment Regulations 1957)
(b) Details of terms and conditions of employment:
  1. Name of employee and National Registration Identification Card No:
  2. Occupation or appointment;
  3. Wages rate (excluding other allowances);
  4. Other allowances payable and rates;
  5. Rates for overtime work;
  6. Other benefits (including approved amenity and services);
  7. Agreed normal hours of work per day;
  8. Agreed period of notice for termination of employment or wages in lieu;
  9. No. of days entitlement to holidays and annual leave with pay;
  10. Duration of wage period;

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