Thursday, September 1, 2016


Sometime its difficult to determine whether a relationship is an employment contract or other forms or relationship. The contract for service, independent contractor, freelance amongst other has become a talisman and magical chant for the privilege few, namely those with the resources to deny ever creating an employment contract with those with lesser bargaining power.

There are five characteristic, that if met will have a resemblance of the ancient master and servant relationship. Those five pillar are wages, what task, how to perform it, when and where.

During ancient time, when currency's is not in the form as known to us. A sack of grains maybe the exchange to service rendered. A servant is not a slave, serve and be rewarded. Still the element of rewards is there and in our times it's in the form of money or wages or salary.

As master, he knows which task need to be performed, if he is able to do it by himself than there is no use of keeping an extra hand. The title or position, or what to do is significant to the relationship. A clerk, labourer, manager and all sorts of name to the job.

Knowing what to do is not enough, the master control how the task is performed. If the master instruct a driver to take a longer route than the ordinary one the servant must follow it. Even to the extent of 'stir don't shake' kind of instructions.

Where task should be performed, consisting boundary set out by the master. It also refer to place of employment.

When task to be performed also an important characteristic of the relationship. Working days and hours of work are two important part of an employment contract.

So that is the five pillar of master and servant relationship. Salary, what, how, where and when.

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